Milk: The Healing Properties You Never Knew About

Natural recovery for broken leg

There are many ways to help speed up the recovery of a broken leg or a broken foot, however sometimes the oldest and the simplest methods are the ones which work the best. The product being referred to here is made by Mother Nature herself, Milk.

Sometimes, we complicate things so much that we lose sight of the little things. People have 3D printed casts nowadays that are lighter, stronger than ever before and these may help the bone to heal faster. There are nutritional supplements that are being sold over the counter at all major pharmacies that claim to have everything from essential micro nutrients to unknown elixirs which magically speed up the process of healing and recovery.

All of these things may or may not have a significant effect on the recovery process and to what extent that effect may be is also up for debate. One thing however that is proven scientifically to help your broken foot get better is Milk.



Milk does make you stronger

Good old Milk is rich in calcium and proteins all of which are essential in the reparative process. In fact, the main process by which Milk aids the recovery process is by providing a boost to your immune system.

The immune system affects the functioning of almost every aspect of our body. It is what keeps us resistant to infection and it is also what decides how fast we get back on our feet. Scientific research has shown that by having a full complement of essential amino acids, Milk is able to fulfill the nutritional requirements that our disease limiting cells need.

Vitamin D and Calcium

Most people know that Calcium plays an important role in making our bones stronger but much fewer know that we need Vitamin D almost as much as we need Calcium. In fact, it is the presence of Vitamin D in the body that helps the absorption of Calcium from various food sources and into our bodies where it can be finally used for purposes like the healing of your broken leg.

Now, Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is extremely rare ion natural food stuff. In fact, for vegetarians milk is one of the very few things that contain this Vitamin. Other food stuff like fatty fish (salmon, tuna)

and Eggs also have Vitamin D but the amount available to our body can vary depending upon the style of cooking.

Milk does not come with any of these caveats.

There is a reason that Body Builders drink Milk

effects of milk

Effects of milk

Milk was the original protein shake; in fact it is still every bit as good as the other Protein shakes on the market. The process involved in the repair of muscles after they have been injured due to weight lifting is very similar to what goes on during the fracture healing process.

The muscles, tendons and the supporting cartilages all need to heal after a fracture. It is almost never just the bone that is injured during a fracture. In fact apart from these hard tissue structures, the micro-vasculature around the area also plays a vital role.

Milk has the necessary healing factors that are essential for the growth and development of this intricate anatomical system. Body Builders have been using this unknowingly for years as they chig down glass after glass to help in their recovery.

Read between the lines

Sometimes it is important for corporations to develop newer sources of income and so they market these products aggressively in the market (ex: Crutch, Knee Scooter, Knee Walker…)  Your decisions should be based on scientific research and proven results. Milk is simple to get and delicious to drink. It is also extremely beneficial to your health. Look beyond the marketing and make the right choice.

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Benefits when using the Knee Scooter

Knee scooter, knee walker

Knee Scooter

The knee scooter is quickly becoming a popular alternative to crutches for people suffering from lower leg injuries. It has evolved from bulky and cumbersome equipment into a convenient design that allows easy maneuverability and flexibility. It offers a safer option to the crutch and a more comfortable way to move around. It is used by individuals suffering from injuries or wounds that are below the knee. These may include simple sprains, fractures and even amputations. The knee scooter is very handy and offers a superior solution than bed rest or wheelchairs where possible.

The design of the knee scooter will depend on each brand and choices will vary. Three-wheeled scooters are ideal for people who need increased speed and better maneuvering while four-wheeled ones are aimed at increased stability. Basically, the equipment supports the shin of the injured leg and the other leg is used as normal so as to propel the scooter along the ground. Though it may have some limitations, it is one of the best devices created to help people who have suffered a foot injury.

Knee Platform

This is the feature on which the injured leg is placed. It is supposed to ensure that the limb is comfortable and that undue weight is not placed upon it. For the comfort of the user, the platform is padded to avoid harming the leg further. It is also design for easy adjustment for different height requirements and even in the horizontal direction. This is a very practical feature because one does not require any skill or tools to get it into a more comfortable position. The materials used in this part of the knee scooter are sturdy for an increased life span.

Ease of Movement

The knee scooter is great when moving around, both indoors and outdoors. Though it cannot be used in going up the stairs, the ease experienced is incredible. The wheels are large enough to handle the task for which it is intended but not too much that it becomes a liability when walking. As long as a surface is relatively flat, the injured individual can move about easily. The scooter has handlebars to steer the wheels around and pilot it to the right direction. They can be adjusted to fit each individual for smoother functionality. This makes it possible to steer it around corners or even tight spaces. Since the knee scooter is made in the basic shape of a child’s scooter, it is unnecessary to have any training on how to use it.

Weight and Storage

Knee scooters generally are capable of handling a large weight capacity though they are quite light. However, it is still imperative that you choose a size and model that you will be most comfortable with. Most of them will handle over three hundred pounds, so there is one for anyone in need. In addition, the knee scooter size is easy to handle when not in use. The design allows it to fold easily and collapse into a compact item. This is a feature that makes storage as well as transportation easier.

Why You Should Use a Knee Scooter

The Knee scooter is ideal for resting the injured foot without strain. When crutches get tiring, one is tempted to put weight on the injured foot. The comfort in this handy equipment will allow the leg to heal faster. The body also remains upright. This is prevents the back from getting exhausted or another injury occurring. It is also a more ideal way to move around. With a scooter, there is increased mobility compared to the alternatives. This is because there is more stability experienced and less energy is demanded in driving it. It is also important to note that the knee scooter allows the body to get the required exercise and does not allow the uninjured limbs to become weak with disuse. This equipment is modeled to encourage independence that would otherwise not be enjoyed.

Cons of the Product

The knee scooter is not convenient in uneven terrain. If the surfaces are not flat, it will be really strenuous to attempt to walk with it. It also takes more time to transport it compared to crutches and it is also much heavier. The greatest drawback is the fact that it cannot be of assistance to people who have injuries above the knee. However, the benefits are still vast when the equipment is used right.



Consider getting a knee scooter if suffering from injuries that are below the knee. You will find that they are a healthier and more convenient option to crutches. Though they cannot be used in going up or down the stairs, they are great in almost all other surfaces. They are ideal for short-term as well as long-term use. Ensure that you purchase quality product in order to get value for the money paid.

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Best Christmas Gifts for Family Members and lover

How to Identify Best Christmas Gifts for Family Members and Boyfriend

Gifts are a great way of sharing what you have or rather using what you have to get valuable things for people you love. When the Christmas season is on you might be in the verge of surprising someone with a gift that will leave his or her heart full or warmth and gratefulness. Christmas gifts come in handy and when it comes to choosing gifts for the different family members, you need to carefully choose the Christmas gift to surprise your lover, dad, mom or even grandparents. The gift you choose should basically be something that can make the recipient happy not only for the moment but also later because of the value of the gift you are giving out.

Here are some of the ways through which you can identify the best christmas gift for family members you want to give the gifts to.



Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend/girlfreind

Your lover is someone you so cherish and as such you would want get the best surprise Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend/girlfriend. Since Christmas gifts aren’t limited to things that are related to Christmas, you can feel free to get anything valuable for your lover. The bottom line should be, it is something your lover loves or would love to own given the resources. Once you have understood some of the things your lover or rather partner loves most, you can have a clue of which line of gifts to choose from. A smart phone, iphone, a chain, dress or even wine can work best as long as your lover will receive it warmly. You should be unique in choosing the gift so that you create surprise because most probably he or she didn’t really anticipate it. What you really need to consider most is; you love the gift and that your lover will love it most.

Gift ideas for dad

Your dad might be someone who inspires, gives you the motivation to do more and above shares the love he has with you. His gift should be great too and most importantly he should be happy on opening the gift. The element of surprise should be foremost in your mind when choosing the gift for him. Let it be something he least expected. You can choose to surprise him with the best Rolex watch, a note book (it should be unique) or beer if he loves it. Get him the best of his cocktail if possible just to make him Christmas and be sure he’ll remember you for that. Don’t feel shy to buy him chocolate toffee with almonds, a speaker or travel case because I am sure he might just love it.

A gift for mum

Mum holds the warmer part of your hearts and when the Christmas season is on, you shouldn’t think twice about getting her the best gift that she would love. You can choose anything right from kitchen appliances to food stuffs, jewelry or dress. Just like you would feel good giving her the gift choose a Christmas gift the will make her happier and grateful. Make it something that can be worth remembering, longer lasting and attractive. Feel free to choose from any of the category of the things she loves most because in the end she is the one to make use of the gift you delivered. So, let the gift for mum be as appealing to you as possible and let it turn out to be awesome and irresistible to your mum.

Christmas Gifts for grandparents

Grandpa and grandma shouldn’t be forgotten when it comes to the list of the people you would want to buy gifts for. A calendar, a piece of art or an album can be ideal for your grandpa if you can access one. It also remains important that you purchase Christmas gifts for them that are convenient in terms of using and something they will love to have most. You can spread the love by getting them a flat screen TV with the highest definition which they will appreciate most and without any doubt they can be grateful not only during the Christmas season but also after they are done with all the festivities. You can buy them gifts that remind them of memorable times in their life and that will make a unique Christmas gifts for your grandparents. This is not to say you should be confined to finding specific gifts for your grandparents; you need to randomly choose the best and valuable gift that will make grandpa and grandma’s Christmas a time to remember because of the gifts’ uniqueness, value and significance to them.

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